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Image of a smiling woman surrounded by four pop-up bubbles describing services offered: 1. Unlock your potential, 2. Develop Self-confidence, 3. Improve Your body-language, 4. Communicate with ease.

Boost Confidence. Develop Leadership Skills. Be More Assertive. Improve Body Language.

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the social hack

Hey there, fellow introverts, shy souls, and sensitive spirits!

Do you ever feel like your voice gets lost in the crowd or that your quiet nature holds you back? If so, know that you're not alone!


Here at SkillBuildr, we help quiet people find their voice. We'll show you what works, what doesn't, and what you need in your "toolkit" to navigate social situations with ease and confidence.


You'll discover that confidence is a skill, positive mindset can be cultivated, confident body language can be developed, self-esteem can be improved, assertive communication can be learned, happiness is a choice, and you have what it takes to create the life you want. 


Come and join us! Connect with like-minded people and have fun along the way.

Develop the skills you need to thrive and succeed ––embark on a journey of personal transformation, where your shyness transforms into inner strength, your insecurities dissolve, and your social anxiety becomes a catalyst for growth.​ 

about us

Who are we?


Hey there, future leaders and game-changers! Welcome to SkillBuildr, your ultimate destination for building self-confidence, becoming more assertive, developing positive body language and sharpening your leadership skills.

Our programs are like a shot of espresso.       Get ready to walk taller, talk louder, and tackle life's challenges like a boss.     Our assertive communication boot camp will show you how to navigate conversations with ease and confidence, our body language workshop  will teach you how to read body language and make stronger connections with others, while our leadership program will give you with the necessary tools to lead with confidence and empathy.

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Our Services

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 confidence building

Develop a positive mindset, boost confidence, and improve relationships.

body language

First impressions matter. Improve your charisma, boost credibility, and inspire trust.

therapists &coches

Master the art of interpreting nonverbal cues and build rapport with clients.

body language in business

Enhance perception, improve negotiations, and build trust.

the quality
of your life


Develop the skills you need to thrive and succeed.

In recent years, the demand for 'soft skills' has skyrocketed. It is believed that these skills will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our work. As technology continues to advance and automation takes over routine tasks, the ability to communicate effectively, collaborate, and build strong relationships becomes increasingly valuable. Those with strong interpersonal skills will be well-positioned to thrive in the evolving professional landscape, where human connection and effective communication are highly valued.

  • Improve Your Soft Skills.

  • Make Great 1st Impressions.

  • Develop Confident Body Language.

  • Enhance Public Speaking Skills.

  • Set Healthy Boundaries.

  • Improve Self-Esteem.

  • Seize New Opportunities!

Join our community and learn skills that can help you unlock exciting new opportunities. Begin your journey today.

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Montreal, Qc., Canada

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